One Drop Prayer

Sea of Galilee

To be perceived and not to be distorted.

Stones to be broken by life-flower.  

To be remembered and not to be forgotten. 

May our further doings grow from here. 


Gethsemane – the place of the last prayer of Jesus Christ. Some trees in it have been alive since that time.


One drop blesses the sea. One prayer can save everything.

Pray with your heart. Pray with each breath. Pray with your life.

Through death, despite death, thanks to death – the living life.

The Promise written on the stones. The Sacred Blood, that does not dry.

Wholeness in truth. The One, who loves enough for abyss to run out.

The sacrifice so dear, that saves all. Torn out heart of God. Not in exchange, but for the sake. 

For everything, that is. Against everything, that denies.

One redeems all. One spark starts the sacred fire. Sword-word will forge Golden Age.

To fade out darkness. With trillions of stars, sun through green leaves, children smiles,

tears of unheard, of everyone, who argued with the abyss, did more than could and slipped off

and rose to the sounds of battle of Angels. For loved ones through all space and time.

For all that’s worth it. The Living Life. Amen


Pattern on the floor of Church of All Religions, Jerusalem



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  Author: Irina Stepanenko

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