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Close More with Full Vision of Customers Journey

EvoCRM provides full scale view of customer management process from marketing campaigns and follow ups to final closing.

Access your previous conversations, available customer personal data, relevant contacts, see lead status and update closing likelihood, track meetings locations, discover purchase trends, forecast customer needs with help of AI-powered personalization and increase your conversion rate.

Profile View of Each Customer

Plan your customer management basing on profile view of each customer.

Summarize all customer information like orders, discounts, membership type, support tickets, AI personalization report in one profile and be well-armed to motivate your customer.

Build Targeted Campaigns

Create targeted campaigns based on location, purchase history, items viewed, information from social media and other integrated third-parties.
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Generate Success with EvoCommerce

Improve your Buyer-Seller interactions, complete your B2C or B2B strategy, sell more with EvoCommerce platform. Integrated with EvoCRM EvoCommerce lets you control your customer management, sales and marketing through one system.

Integrates with Existing Business Applications

EvoCRM is easy to integrate with existing business software, such as ERP, eCommerce, order management and other applications to meet your business needs and increase efficiency of your operations.

EvoCRM Opportunities Management

Opportunities Management Tool helps to obtain detailed information on all stages of marketing and sales cycle, make sales forecasts and ensure the maximum efficiency of the outcome. 

EvoCRM Benefits

Customer Service
EvoCRM is flexible and highly customizable for your needs. With our product you receive special support from our customer care and technical experts to help you reach full potential of your customer management.
Integrates with Third-Party Applications
EvoCRM integrates with Googles Spreadsheets, MS Exchange, Basecamp and other third-party applications, ensuring, that your sales, marketing and account management teams are equipped with everything they need.
Improved DB Performance
Our solution uses PostgreSQL as a database, allowing you to easily process any size of data and adjust its performance to your business needs.
Enhanced Search 
Using Solr search allows EvoCRM to increase its search capabilities, providing full text search, structural search, flexible administration of relevance, replication to increase the speed of processing of queries. 
Ongoing Load Testing
Our team performs load testing with large sets of data on ongoing basis to ensure enterprise-level performance and sustainability of EvoCRM.
Dashboard, Chart and Reporting
You can visualize and manage data through customizable dashboard, get a structured view of it by creating charts and obtain full insight of your sales and marketing efficiency with advanced reporting built.
Cloud deployment option delivers the exact same capabilities as on-premise.
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