Evolution of Money. Informational Transformation.

Manage your multi-currency crypto-assets on secure Blockchain platform. Organize your business and life with stategical apps and self-composed smart-contracts.

Create tokens and engage others to participate in your venture. Develop and market your Idea, prototype or product through our brainstorming platform.
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Silent Money

1 EVO - $7,50
Volume (24h)
10 456 658 EVO
+ 0,64%


New Generation Crypto-Currency based on distributed transaction structure, that takes transaction speed and confidentiality to new level. Highly encrypted, distributed transactions, impossible to track.

Decentralized, peer2peer, scalable Blockchain, that suports millions of transactions per second. Security and privacy of your financial activity. 

Money Like Silence.
Evocript (EVO) Charts
Max Supply
12 234 564 765 EVO

Build Strategy

Strategical Applications

New way to build, manage and optimize your business and life processes by creating decentralized strategical applications based on our proprietary SDK integrated with smart-contract editor.


Coding in the past

Try smart-contracts visual editor, compose your algorythms from wide range of ready solutions for various business domains.
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Composing Process

Create your smart-contract easily with no coding involved by following these simple steps:
Create smart-contract
Define sequence
of actions
Insert custom data
Upload to Evoсript system

Evocript Wallet

Money Management

Manage your crypto assets in multi-currency wallet, send and receive transactions fast and securely.



Evocript Network

Addresses and transactions are mixed within Evocript system and can not be tracked, associated with definite user or reality.


Strategical applications and smart-contracts interact within Evoсript system and can trade assets from other Blockchains.


Evocript network is a peer2peer, completely decentralized solution, that doesn't belong to anyone and depends on all its users.


New smart blocks architecture allows to achieve unlimited scalability and millions of transactions per second.

Transaction Speed

Evocript (EVO)
1 sec
2 + min
30 + min


Brainstorming platform

Post your Idea, get feedback from experts, find like-minded team-members; promote your initiative; create, fund and release your start-up on our platform or sell your Idea or Prototype through our Intellectual Property Market.

Create Token

Profit from Your Crypto-Currency

Engage in Blockchain dinamycs by creating your digital token, that can be used as crypto-currency through your application, virtual share in your product, crypto-asset or membership validation.
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Mega Data

Global Bank of Information

Transforming Ancient Knowledge through Technology of Today to Phylosophy of the Future.

Aggregating information from archives, people and data storages from ancient philosophies to latest scientific theories, creating one global storage of data on Blockchain highly secure and transparent for public, processing Global Mega Data with power of human minds combined with quantum computing performance to define best ways for development of our civilization.

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