Initiation to the Fairytale

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” – New Testament, Gospel of John




Turn of the light. Breed. Let the cocktail of spring rain and bloom of shameless innocence pour into the window. It is so obviously good, it makes you stupid and you don’t mind. Hear the buzz of voices? Catch whisper of your soul, mute the rest. Let it flow. Feel rain drops falling on your heart, burned by a dream so beautiful as no one dared to have, impossible and still real? A spark of God, who fights His Demons. Creation and lessening darkness. Blindness of Faith – an expression of will. Despair of Hope, that kept you from falling into the abyss you tried to comprehend. Your careless pride and fruitful ignorance. Your loneliness, that resonates through hearts. And Love, reaching the bottom of the abyss – God’s struggle for Existence – Power, that brings Chaos to Order.

Watch quit triumph of sunrise, no matter what, again, smiling through tears and bleeding with colors of Revelation, that always was. And doesn’t change. And forgives everything. Don’t be sorry. Be thankful for the beauty, for who you are and that You Are and that it’s not eternal. And not in vain. See horn of Unicorn? It’s close, it will come true – your Fairytale. Believe. Transform.

Hear the Angels, not always kind, but always right? Star ghosts fade in the sky, poetry despite. Anticipation of Truth. Eternal moment slides by the matter of time. God’s spark cuts through the abyss. Don’t give it up. Your Muse will resonate in Earthbeat. Live what you preach. You can. It’s your time. With all unhealed wounds, unlearned lessons and imperfection of your grace. Dare to be told. Exist.


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  Author: Irina Stepanenko

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