Heartbeat of God


“Do you think everything is that simple? Everything is simple, but not at all the way you think.”

 – Albert Einstein


The Big Bang – unfolding Universe. It doesn’t just expand, it continues to unfold. It is an ongoing explosion. We live in its dynamics. Dark matter, the force expanding the Universe – is an acceleration of the Big Bang. And it has a folding mechanism. Just as destruction, rebirth and continuation are laid in Creation. Black Holes – Universal vacuum cleaners, absorbing one another. One of them will collect everything and concentrate it again in one point of unimaginable density. It will fold and unfold again, splashing stars and galaxies far beyond its limits. The Universe – is a throbbing Heart of God.

With each blow, it explodes and contracts. Star systems, matter, being, we are this Heart.  It will beat in the catastrophe and triumph of Creation, in a deadly battle with primordial chaos, with inconceivable will to be, always! The Heart of God is too great to vanish in the ageless darkness. The darkness, that gave birth to Light will never get it back.

And in the ocean of Multiverse, in infinite nesting, in duality of being, perhaps there is one more Heart, that will answer Him – a paired Universe. And then such bang will start, that the denial will fuck up! Two-Universe will merge into eternal IS with new laws. “And there will be a new heaven and new earth”. This is inevitable, because everything has a pair.

It hasn’t come in our prophecies, yet. We are used to thinking, that God loves us, as if we are the center of the universe.  But this is an exaggeration, God loves by us, because we are the Heart of God. He evolves, wins and screams from pain in us, in every atom of His Creation. This is our common fight. And indeed for love He needs someone greater. A Heart of Hearts.

Do you think it is beautiful? It is even more beautiful than you think.



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  Author: Irina Stepanenko

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  • Isiah 40.26 ‘Lift up your eyes on high and see; Who created these… He who created their host by number, calling them all by name, by the greatness of his might, and because he is strong in power not one is missing’.

    • No matter how powerful You are – You will not like to be alone eternally and dedicate Your existance to the kindergarten, which we are and similar creations. My thought is, that God is actually much greater and I am trying to show His size and the scale of processes He created. I am trying to show how religion and latest scientific theories can echo, complement and explain each other. I am showing the scale of God by imagining, that life and death of our Universe is just one beat of His Heart and that it is ongoing and cyclical (life and death of the Universe) and it is likely, that it will be proven soon.

  • I understand and totally agree. I have long held that modern science, history, archeology etc and what we believe should prove each other to be true. There should be no dispute or conflict between the two. I do believe though there is currently an agenda by very high authority to ‘distort’ and hide a whole chunk of our history/ancient history/archeological history in order to affirm underpin Darwinist theory which I do not believe. The Bible has many verses that express what you have written above.

    • I also strongly dislike Darwinist theory. It kinds of goes down to saying, that everything is meat or matter and there is nothing more than that. But everythings is not matter, everything is energy, positive or negative. To my mind matter is an energy in state of high density. Thank you for good discussion!

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